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In 2005 , entrepreneur and art collector Jürgen A. Messmer founded the messmer foundation in memory of his late daughter Petra. The non-profit foundation is the sponsor of the messmer art gallery , which opened in 2009 in the historic building complex of the former Riegeler brewery. Riegel is a municipality on the Kaiserstuhl , 20 minutes north of Freiburg .

The famous Riegeler beer was brewed at the foot of the Michaelsberg for around 125 years. No beer has been brewed in Riegel since 2002, and lofts and offices have been built in its place in recent years. The messmer art gallery is located in the former swivel hall.

Up to three large-scale exhibitions are presented every year. Previous successes with the public include exhibitions on Marc Chagall, Le Corbusier, Victor Vasarely and Salvador Dalì . In addition to individual exhibitions, large-scale group exhibitions on specific themes, such as water or kinetics, are shown again and again. To promote art, the messmer foundation regularly advertises the International André Evard Prize for concrete-constructive art, which is aimed at contemporary artists and is presented in a large group show.

The messmer foundation, which emerged from the Petra and Jürgen A. Messmer Foundation founded on December 28, 2005, is a foundation with legal capacity under civil law. The purpose of the foundation is to promote art and culture . The messmer foundation makes it possible to make Jürgen Messmer’s art collection, which has been continuously built up over the past thirty years, permanently accessible to the public. The foundation is independent and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes .

Founder: Jürgen A. Messmer
Foundation supervision: Freiburg regional council
Address: Grossherzog-Leopold-Platz 1, 79359 Riegel am Kaiserstuhl

Foundation board:
Jurgen A. Messmer
deputy Leah Messmer
Bernd Reich

Foundation Advisory Boards:
dr Robert Floetemeyer
dr Rolf Merkle
Markus Jablonski
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn

We would like to thank all advisory board members for their voluntary commitment.


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