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The circle of friends of the messmer foundation continues to grow and currently comprises about 150 members (as of 1/2018).

Become a member too and enjoy the benefits of membership. We are very happy about your support of our work!

As a member of the circle of friends you support the exhibition activities of kunsthaller messmer and contribute to the realization of exhibitions and special events.

Your advantages of the exclusive circle:

  • Free admission to the kunsthalle messmer
  • Exclusive invitation to all vernissages
  • Information about all exhibitions
  • Invitation to curator tours and studio visits
  • “Blue hour”, VIP event for members
  • Organized art trips to special places


Young Member (students or up to 25 years): Annual fee 45,- €
Member: annual fee 100,- €
Partner (two persons): Annual fee 150,- €
Company (Up to five company members): Annual fee 500,- €

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If you are interested in becoming a Friends member, please send us an email with the following information:

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Authorization for direct debit Bank | Account holder | Account number| Sort code or IBAN | BIC (as of 01/14)

Tip: Circle of Friends membership as a gift!

We look forward to welcoming you to our circle of friends very soon.

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Impressions of the 14th Blue Hour on October 11, 2018 - Charity Event

Already for the fourteenth time the members of the circle of friends came together on Thursday evening on the occasion of the blue hour in the kunsthalle messmer.

This year, the much-praised event was all about charity. All proceeds went to Prof. Dr. Dr. Laszig’s project “Deaf children learn to hear”. He thanked all guests and especially Mr. Messmer for the great commitment and confirmed that every cent directly benefits the children.

The champagne reception was followed by a varied buffet, which was accompanied by the exquisite wines of the Holub winery from Herbolzheim. The entire range of the family business was allowed to be tasted.

Of course, guests were also able to visit the highly acclaimed, sophisticated “Dalí – The Magic of Genius” exhibition quite exclusively after the museum closed. The highlight of the evening, however, was the musical performance by Lea Qin Messmer (mezzo-soprano) and Biljana Knab (pianist and composer), who, in keeping with Dalí’s homeland, presented Spanish folk songs as well as their own compositions, rounding off the evening to great applause.

We would like to thank all our guests for this wonderful evening and are already looking forward to the next event!

The circle of friends of the messmer foundation

The members


Dr. Bernd Abel & Doris Abel

Thomas Adam

Dr. Martin Allgeier

Wichard von Alvenslenben & Hildgunde von Alvensleben

Dr. Sandor-Csaba Ats &

Yvonne Ats


Nikolaus Barst & Claudia Barst

Dr. Marianne Bastuck &

Karl-Heinz Bastuck

Andrea Berthel & Rudolf Leonhardt

Georg Böcherer &

Gisela Böcherer

Alexandra Brown

Axel Brucker & Walter Brucker

Kirsten Bruemmer

Dr. Walter Brunner &

Irene Brunner

Veit Bürkle & Karin Bürkle


Heike Deleke

Dirk Detert & Vanessa Detert

Rita Deyhle

Jutta Dietz

Walter Dold & Veronika Dold

Werner Dorsch


Susanne Ehret


Dr. Ingrid Frieser

Manuela Fromm &

Bärbel Linemann


Barbara Gillmann

Michael Göppert &

Sabine Göppert

Dr. Arved Grieshaber &

Ute Grieshaber

Stefanie Gruhn

Victoria Gruhn


Adalbert Häge &

Petra Firley-Häge

Beate Hagemann

Hans Bodo Hartmann &

Brigitte Hartmann

Peter Helferich

Mathias Herzog &

Ann Margit Herzog

Gerlinde Hirschbühl

Karl Heinz Hirt

Leonhard Hirt &

Dorothea Kurrus-Hirt

Katharina Hürlimann-Siebke


Markus Jablonski & Ina Oberist

Dr. Skaidrīte Javojšs &

Dr. Thomas N. Herr


Dr. Joachim Kaiser &

Gerda Kaiser

Karin Käppeli-von Bülow &

Viktor Käppeli

Dr. Monika von Kannen &

Dr. Wolf von Kannen

Werner Kästle

Ute Kary & Ekkehard Rögener

Bodo Kirschner & Petra Kirschner

Matthias Knab & Biljana Knab

Dr. Ulrike Koerner

Erika Koch & Reinhard Koch

Christa crown

Wilfried Kuhn

Birgit Kunzweiler


Dr. Helmut Laaff

Jutta Lehmann-Kaiser &

Frank Ludwig

Uta Linsenmayr

Dr. Christian Lotsch &

Renate Lotsch


Willi Mahler & Ulrike Plesse

Dr. Maria Mählmann

Susanne Munk & Kurt Munk

Frank Münzenmaier

Karin Christina Mußler

Karl-Heinz Meißner


Marco Neuber & Uta Neuber

Rinaldo Novi


Alex Pfenniger &

Elisabeth Pfenniger

Hanni von Prittwitz


Helga Rauck

Martin Reichenbach

Hans-Christoph von Rotteck & Gudrun Czerlinski

Ilona Rujan & Pal Rujan

Amanda Rumbach

Sibylle Rüster & Herbert Nostadt


Wolfgang Schaible &

Astrid cobbler

Dieter Schaudel &

Sybille Schaudel

Markus Scherer

Dorothea Scherle

Herbert Scherzinger &

Henriette Scherzinger

Marianne Schippmann

Ernst Schmacks &

Julia Schmacks

Petra Schmid & Norbert Schmid

Petra & Michael Schoder

Maximilian Schoder

Lydia Schoderer

Thomas Schuber

Martina Schutzbach & Wolfgang Schutzbach

Nadja Schwarz &

Cornel Schwarz

Gerhard Setzer

Thomas Speck & Olga Speck

Susanne Spürgin &

Gerda Schlempp

Vera Stauffer

Waltraud Steiert &

Herbert Steiert

Dr. Axel Steudle & Heike Steudle


Dr. Alfred Thilmann &

Sylvia Thilmann-Droste

Dr. Carmen Treuer-Liebhardt

Norbert Trötschler &

Malu Trötschler

Werner Tschiggfrei &

Hannelore Tschiggfrei


Carolin Vahar-Matiar


Christoffer Wiese

Andreas Wießler

Carl Michael Wolf

Dr. Edith Wieser


Yan Zhang & Dr. Ralf Kessler

Dr. Amadeus Zittel & Elena Zittel

Corporate partner

City of Kenzingen

Mayor Matthias Guderjan

Law office

Dr. Einhaus & Partner


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