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Despite the non-profit foundation background, the museum does not receive any funds from the public purse. For the further development of our exhibitions and projects, we are therefore dependent on the support of private donations and corporate sponsorship.
Thanks to the great appeal of exhibitions and events, the foundation and museum offer an attractive environment for supporters and sponsors. Numerous companies in the region as well as private premium partners are already benefiting from the reputation of the exhibition house, which is established between Baden-Baden and the art metropolis of Basel.
As a non-profit foundation, contributions and donations to the messmer foundation are tax-deductible.
Talk to us about the possibilities that we can offer you as part of a partner package specially tailored to your needs. Let’s develop strong concepts together! We look forward to being able to convey your name to the outside world on our sponsor board in the entrance area and in a wide variety of print and online formats.

donation account

messmer foundation
Volksbank Breisgau Nord eG
Account 104 55 308 BLZ 680 920 00
IBAN: DE 346809 2000 00 104 55308 | BIC: GENO DE 61 EMM
VAT ID: 05082/00568

Current sponsors

Current premium partner

  • Laboratories Dr. Laaff
  • City of Kenzingen + Mayor Matthias Guderjan
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Neue Werke – Zhuang Hong Yi & Patrick Hughes – 02.08.2022 – 23.10.2022

Jetzt zu sehen: Patrick Hughes & Zhuang Hong-Yi (02.08.2022 – 23.10.2022)