The Messmer Collection

The collection includes around 1000 paintings and sculptures from the fields of classic modern and contemporary art.

An essential part of the collection is the work of the Swiss artist André Evard , whose estate is looked after by the messmer foundation.

A special focus of the collection is on concrete-constructive art .

This collection inventory was supplemented in 2012/2013 by extensive donations from the Freiburg private collector Renate Trettin and another private collector from south-west Germany. Our heartfelt thanks go to the donors.

Please note that the Kunsthalle only presents temporary exhibitions and not a permanent display collection . Selected works from the Trettin Collection are permanently on display in the stair tower of the Kunsthalle.

To the individual collection areas

New acquisitions 2015

  • Suzanne Daetwyler
  • Bruno Erdman
  • Sun Jinlong
  • Klaus J Schoen

Private donations 2013


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Neue Werke – Zhuang Hong Yi & Patrick Hughes – 02.08.2022 – 23.10.2022

Jetzt zu sehen: Patrick Hughes & Zhuang Hong-Yi (02.08.2022 – 23.10.2022)