sculpture garden

Over the years, the messmer foundation has acquired works that can be viewed in the sculpture garden at the foot of the museum premises. The view of the sculpture garden is also offered by the Café Evard terrace, where you can enjoy coffee specialties and cakes.

Giorgio Zennaro: Concrescenta involute

Giorgio Zennaro, Concrescenta Evolvente, 238 x 182 x 60 cm, 1973, stainless steel © messmer foundation

Giorgio Zennaro’s (1926 – 2005) “Concrescenta Evolvente” from 1973 replaces Marc Reist’s “Globo Uovo” in the sculpture garden of the messmer art gallery. The artistic addition is a dynamic work that stretches almost three meters in height. Despite its stately size, the stainless steel sculpture conveys the impression of dynamic lightness and almost dancing elegance.

Marc Reist: Globo Uovo

Marc Reist, Globo Uovo, 2011-2017, marble © kunsthalle messmer

The latest addition to the sculpture garden at the messmer art gallery, the marble sculpture “Globo Uovo” (2011-2017), weighing 6 tons and measuring 3 x 2.3 m, by Marc Reist (*1960 in Grenchen), addresses its viewers as a socially critical appeal . The combination of egg and globe – two primal symbols of life – is intended to express concern for the dwindling resources of our planet. The window-like openings are signs of this vulnerability.

Jörg Bollin: Emotions

Jörg Bollin, Emotions © Kunsthalle messmer

Jörg Bollin’s (*1944 in Freiburg) sculpture “Emotions” replaced Otmar Alt’s “Large Garden Flower” in February 2019 and now adorns the entrance to the messmer art gallery. Emotions are also what the 35 individual segments of the cast stone sculpture projecting forwards and backwards convey. In various shades of blue, the almost 3 m high sculpture conveys dynamism and speaks to the viewer’s spirit.

Gottfried Honegger: Monoform 13

Gottfried Honegger, Monoform 13 © messmer foundation

With the sculpture “Monoform 13″ by the internationally known and renowned Swiss artist Gottfried Honegger (*1917 in Zurich, †2016 in Zurich), the sculpture garden of the messmer art gallery received a top-class addition in January 2014.
The black granite sculpture is 184 cm high and weighs 550 kg. The sculpture impresses with its clearly defined, geometric design language and its noble material.
Honegger was an important representative of concrete-constructive art. He lived and worked in Zurich.

Roland Phleps: Squares Pair, Dynamic

Roland Phleps, pair of squares, dynamic © messmer foundation

The Kunsthalle has acquired a large stainless steel sculpture by the Freiburg steel sculptor Roland Phleps (*1924 in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania). It was installed with the help of a crane in the museum’s sculpture garden in June 2013 in the presence of the artist.
The sculpture “Pair of Squares, Dynamic” can be assigned to the style of concrete art. It consists of two diagonally rounded squares whose brushed surface shimmers depending on the incidence of light.

Other works in the sculpture garden of the Kunsthalle:


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