AR Penck

born 1939 in Dresden

Exhibitions (selection)

1968 “German Avant-Garde 3: AR Penck, Pictures”, Galerie Hake, Cologne
In 1971 he joined the gap artist group
1975 “AR Penck”, Kunsthalle Bern
“AR Penck”, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
1976 met the painter Jörg Immendorff, worked together in the following years
1978 Museum Ludwig, Cologne
“AR Penck. Y.. Drawings up to 1975”, Kunstmuseum Basel
1980 Expatriation and emigration to the West
1981 “AR Penck. Paintings”, Sonnabend Gallery, New York
1982 “AR Penck”, Lucio Amelio Gallery, Naples
“ARPenck. 45 drawings. Layers of Consciousness”, Kunstmuseum Bonn
1984 Watari Gallery, Tokyo
Waddington Galleries, London
“The poetry of vision”, The Guinness Hop Store, Dublin
“AR Penck. Recent Paintings”, Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo
1989 “AR Penck”, Mary Boone Gallery, New York
“AR Penck. A Survey of Prints”, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Richmond, Australia
1995 “Couplet 4th AR Penck. Beelden/sculptures”, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
AR Penck, Galleryism, Seoul
1997 “AR Penck”, The Museum of Art, Kochi, Japan
2003 “AR Penck. Beyond the wars. Pictures from 2002”, Michael Werner Gallery, Cologne
2013 “Immendorff. Penk. Lupertz. Works from a private collection, Municipal
Gallery in the Empty Bag, Regensburg
2014 “Germany divided: Baselitz and his generation”, British Museum, London