Axel Rohlfs

German Axel Rohlfs is a contemporary painter of concrete art and an author of concrete and visual poetry. His innovation in the field of concrete art is the juxtaposition of two partial figures to form a double figure. This is how double knots and double spirals are created, for example, which can be discovered again and again in his works of art.

Born 1971 in Bremen; Lives and works in Bremen and Hamburg
1991-1997 Studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin
2003 Assistant to the artist Prof. Vera Molnar

Exhibitions (selection)

2003 Dresden University Collections of Art and Technology
2004 Museum Modern Art Hünfeld
2005 Institute for Constructive Art and Concrete Poetry
2006 Museum of Contemporary Art Moscow
2007 Kunsthalle Messmer Riegel
2009 Vasarely Muzeum Budapest
2011 Museum in the Kulturspeicher Würzburg
2014 Academy gallery in the Weisbachsches Haus Plauen

Collections (Selection)

Museum of Concrete Art Ingolstadt
Museum in the Wuerzburg culture store
Mondriaan House
Mobile MADI Museum
Szepmüvészeti Muzeum Budapest

Axel Rohlfs