Ben Muthofer

Ben Muthofer’s sculptures show an increased interest in the shape of the triangle. The reason for this is the dynamic that triangles bring with them. By changing the corner points, new shapes can also be easily obtained. He sees this as an advantage over the circle or the square, which ultimately can only be changed in size. He also mainly concentrates on the folding of sheet steel, which is given a white finish in a further work step. There is a play of light and shadow at the edges. The resulting sculptures appear like folded paper.

born 1937 in Opole
1952-1955 apprenticeship in Erfurt and Bielefeld
1955-1958 art school in Bielefeld
1959-1964 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
1962-1964 master student with Prof. Ernst Geitlinger, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
1968-1972 sculptor in the USA with Alexander Calder and Ernest Trova
1968-1972 Teaching Sculpture, Washington University
1968 1st Prize for Sculpture from the Art Association, St. Louis
1982 Prince Luitpold Foundation grant
from 1988 Professor at Mynlista, Art Academy Reykjavik, Iceland
2007 winner of the public competition “Art in public space – design of the roundabout Dr. Manfred-Henrich-Platz, Saarlouis”