Felix Schlenker

Work in the collection: Felix Schlenker, Nagelbild, 1972, nails, acrylic on wood, 65 x 65 cm

Felix Schlenker was a German painter, graphic artist and object artist. The beginnings of his work show clear references to Klee. It was not until 1958 that he created his first material pictures. His monochrome images represent a central aspect of his work, but so does the arrangement of coarse horseshoe nails in a row on hardboard or chipboard. In addition to these non-representational works, Schlenker also made watercolors, which he himself considers important because they provide insight into a bygone era. In addition to his own artistic work, he worked as a collector. Schlenker died shortly before his 90th birthday and the exhibition planned for this occasion was realized by Margit Biedermann as a “homage” in Donaueschingen.

born 1920 in Schwenningen
1939-1945 military service
1945-1978 Elementary and secondary schools in the subject pictorial design
1960s Foundation of the “Small Gallery Schwenningen”
1960-1991 Regular participation
In 1966 he exhibited his “Nail Pictures” in the Wirth Gallery, Berlin
1967 Participation in the exhibition “Serial Formations” in the studio gallery of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
1992 Donation of the Felix Schlenker collection for the city of Villingen-Schwenningen
died in Schwenningen in 2010