Gerhard Frömel

Gerhard Frömel creates three-dimensional objects and installations that consist of individual parts and are positioned on several levels. These structures enable the viewer to enter into a direct relationship with the work of art: through the optical shifts, separations and connections of flat or linear elements, every step or change of location by the viewer leads to a new view of the mostly black and white objects. A variety of shapes and spaces of illusion open up. The artist comments on his work as follows: “One can have similar experiences when consciously experiencing a city or a landscape. Every step causes an optical change: individual buildings merge and reduce to a wall (…) Even a minimal step – physical and mental – can change the view of the world enormously.” Gerhard Frömel lives and works in Wolfsegg am Hausruck and Hallein-Rehhof.

born 1941 Grieskirchen, Austria
1955-1959 Apprenticeship as a sign painter
1965-1969 studied commercial art with Prof. Erich Buchegger at the art school of the city of Linz
1975-2003 teaching position at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design and at the Art University in Linz