Gunther Frenzel

Swiss-based artist Gunter Frentzel creates sculptures and installations. His sculptures are structural structures made of industrially manufactured iron rods or strips and untreated stone. The individual elements of the sculpture are only held together by the principle of force and counterforce, so that the sculptures are always in a state of tension and can jump apart at any time as soon as the state of equilibrium is disturbed. In their radical simplicity, his sculptures approach Minimal Art. The artist is fascinated by the balance, but also by the fact that all the works can easily be rebuilt in another location. This lightness also characterizes his laser sculptures, which he projects into the night sky. The artist has lived and worked in Rüttenen, Switzerland, since 1960.

born 1935 Berlin
1956 Diploma as a sculptor (Wiesbaden School of Art)
1957 diploma as stonemason
1960-1971 Artistic director of a stone sculptor and stone mason’s company
1972 Freelance artist
1979 First solo exhibition at the Lydia Megert gallery in Bern
1988 Specialist prize for sculpture and installations from the Canton of Solothurn
1999 Art Prize of the Canton of Solothurn