Jo Kuhn

The German artist Jo Kuhn wants to determine the effect in his paintings primarily through the color he uses. It should work independently of any objective association. In his artistic development he reduced the cycle of forms more and more, so that the effect of the color is intensified.

born 1935 in Mülheim/ Ruhr, lives and works in Berg (near Bonn)
since 1971 freelance artist
since 1990 member of the artist group “Konkret”, Bonn

Exhibitions (selection)

2014 Gallery concrete Martin Wörn Sulzburg
2011 Gallery University of Kielce
2007 Musee Saturo Sato Tome
2006 Concrete Art Forum Erfurt
2002 Morning House Soest
1999 Museum Modern Art Hünfeld
1996 Society for Art and Design Bonn