peter bird

Peter Vogel’s art is based on the findings of physics and brain research, areas to which he dedicated himself at the beginning of his career. The aim of his work is to actively involve the viewer in the works, an interaction should arise. For this he constructs sculptures, wall objects and installations from electronic components. These react to the movements and sound impulses of the viewer through sensors. The tendency to participate in the work of art is already developing in constructive-concrete and kinetic art. Through sensual-aesthetic experiences, the viewer’s experience should go beyond pure observation.

born 1937 in Freiburg
Physics studies, University of Freiburg
1965-1967 dance and choreography
1965-1975 Industrial research
2015 KUBUS art prize from the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg
lives and works in Freiburg