Richard Paul Lohse

The artist Richard Paul Lohse was a Swiss painter and graphic artist. He is considered one of the main representatives of concrete and constructive art. In his early works there are pictures that can be assigned to Cubism as well as expressionist landscape paintings and still lifes. Although he then mainly dealt with painting, he worked graphically for magazines until the 1960s. Since 1942, a main focus of his pictures has been the horizontal-vertical structure of color fields in a serial arrangement.

born 1902 in Zurich.
gest 1988 in Zurich
1918-1922 Apprenticeship as an advertising draftsman with Max Dalang at the Zurich School of Applied Arts
1937 Foundation of the “Allianz”, an avant-garde association of modern Swiss artists, together with Leo Leuppi
since 1942 he has been dealing with the horizontal-vertical structure of color fields in modular and serial arrangements in his paintings
1947–1955 design of the magazine “Bauen und Wohnen
from 1958 co-editor of the “Neue Grafik” published in Zurich, through which he made the acquaintance of Augusto Giacometti, Jean Arp and Le Corbusier

Lohse took part in the 4th documenta (1968) and also Documenta 7 in 1982 in Kassel.

Richard Paul Lohse

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