Roland Phleps

Romanian-born artist Roland Phleps is an artist categorized as Concrete Art. He therefore tries not to depict or abstract what is there, but works from the outset only with geometric-mathematical formulas and elements. Therefore, simple basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circular shapes, ellipses and parallelograms determine his works. He wants to appeal to the emotional feelings of his viewers.

Born 1924 in Hermannstadt / Transylvania (Romania)
Lives and works in Fribourg
1945-1950 Medical studies in Tübingen and Göttingen, state examination and doctorate in Tübingen
1983-1984 experiments with geometric constructs in aluminum sheet
Since 1992 sculptures made of bent stainless steel sheet, which can be assigned to the “Concrete Art” style
Since 1993 solo exhibitions and permanent exhibitions of sculptures in public space
1997 Founding of the Foundation for Concrete Art Roland Phleps

Exhibitions (selection)

Since 1999 individual and group exhibitions with his own sculptures in the sculpture hall built by the foundation in Freiburg-Zähringen
Participation in exhibitions at the Neher Gallery in Essen, the Technical University of Dresden and the Emilia Suciu Gallery in Ettlingen, among others.

Roland Phleps

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