Willy Müller-Brittnau

The Swiss artist Willy Müller-Brittnau is known for his expressive landscapes. The encounter with American action painting in 1958 was a key experience for him. He then developed a geometric pictorial language and made outstanding contributions to color field painting and signal art in the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to painting, drawing and prints, he created numerous site-specific, sculptural works and developed color schemes for buildings. He has also amassed an excellent collection of concrete art and pop art himself.

born 1938 in Winterthur, died 2003 in Oftringen
1954-1955 preliminary course at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich
until 1963 work as a retoucher, paints on the side
1976 withdraws from the public
1980 return with violent, gestural images

Exhibitions (selection)

1959 connecting hall Stadtsaal Zofingen
1964 Gallery for the old office in Zofingen
1968 Gallery 68 Strengelbach
1971 Olten town house
1985 Trudelhaus Baden
1986 Lenzburg Gallery
1990 official heaven Baden
2003 Art in the old Schützenhaus Zofingen