André Evard Experience – From Art Nouveau to Classical Modernism

01.07.2023 until 15.10.2023

Experience the world of the Swiss artist André Evard, one of the most important representatives of the abstract art movement of the 20th century. Discover his fascinating works, which are characterized by creative freedom and innovation.
The exhibition presents a comprehensive selection of André Evard’s early works from Art Nouveau and Pointillism to Cubism, Expressionism and Constructivism. This exhibition gives you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of André Evard and experience his works of art up close. Visit us and be inspired by the beauty and power of abstract art!

Evard experimented with geometric shapes, colors and proportions throughout his lifetime, which found expression in his multifaceted and multi-layered paintings. His works of art bear witness to his search for the essence of form and color and his enthusiasm for the power and dynamism of the figurative and the abstract. In the newly conceived exhibition “André Evard Erleben” (Experiencing André Evard), you will gain an insight into his artistic career, which spans around 70 years. The exhibition shows a large number of sketches, watercolors and oil paintings that reflect his search for the essence of form and color. Experience the beauty and dynamism of abstract art and get to know the influential artist who made a significant contribution to the development of abstract art in Switzerland. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience the works of André Evard up close and take an unforgettable journey through art history. Visit us and be inspired by the beauty and power of abstract art! “Experience André Evard” – an exhibition you shouldn’t miss!