Fantastic visual worlds Pictures and sculptures

09/26/2020 – 03/28/2021

Juergen A. Messmer:
“In the beginning I wanted to do an exhibition that focused on the optical illusion. There is talk of 160 different ways to deceive the eye, but I have realized for myself that this can be experienced on a wide variety of sensory levels. The result: In my opinion, this exhibition is one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have ever curated!”

Cécile Plaisane, Dyptique Nun Alex & Baby Dune © Cécile Plaisance

Our main motif: The internationally renowned Cécile Plaisance is the 2018 winner of the world’s largest photo competition of the magazine PHOTO. She prevailed against 50,000 competitors and has since been seen in galleries around the world.

The messmer art gallery presents the diverse group exhibition “Fantastic Visual Worlds”. The various positions of 27 internationally known, contemporary artists as well as famous representatives of modernism on the subject of perception and the sensory world in which we live are shown.

The subject of perception is dealt with in more than 80 fascinating works, ranging from optical illusions and surreal dream worlds, to captivating light installations and socially critical art photography, to abstract paintings and glass constructions.
Works by important representatives of OP Art and Concrete Art, such as Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923-2019), Ludwig Wilding (1927-2010) and François Morellet (1926-2016), as well as Patrick Hughes (*1939), the inventor of the “reverspective” (relief-like works that create an optical illusion) and the art photographer Cécile Plaisance (*1968) with her socially critical and ironic works, in which she uses a special lenticular process to address the role of women.

In “Fantastic Image Worlds” an all-round view of the contemporary art scene with influences from Pop Art, through kinetics to the concrete-constructive genre is to be provided. In addition to the historical review of the “New OP Art” of today, the topics “movement and optics” are artistically processed as a sensual-aesthetic means. From optical illusions to color and light installations to kinetic works, everything and more can be seen in the messmer art gallery.

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