HEINER MEYER – More beautiful than real

04.03.2023 until 25.06.2023

In this exhibition, a unique retrospective is dedicated to the internationally successful German Pop Art artist. On the occasion of Heiner Meyer’s 70th birthday, we are presenting unique pictures of his early work through to his most recent works – fresh from the studio! With his richness of facets, as well as his clear and realistic painting style, the artist is able to take his audience into another world. A world that may seem “more beautiful than real”.

Comics, cars, luxury items, advertising lettering and consumer goods denote the Pop Art tradition and thus also form a focal point in Meyer’s pictorial motifs.
His work thus also revolves around thematic complexes such as power, greed, prestige and pleasure, manipulation, beauty and delusion. In doing so, he creates a reflection of a society that is beginning to sense the limits of the capitalist promise of happiness.
In typical Pop Art manner, he skilfully stages the dichotomy between reality and deception and creates works of ambiguous reading:
We invite you to explore what is hidden in typical Pop Art manner, between the rhetoric of exaggeration and a dose of irony. Is it a guileless glorification of consumption, or is it a dash of social criticism disguised in a candy-colored make-believe? Come by and find out for yourself.

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