Killian Saueressig

07/24/2021 – 08/22/2021

Innovation and a spirit of research go hand in hand in Kilian Saueressig’s philosophically inspired art, which is highly focused on sustainability.
His work is characterized in particular by the maximum possible use of renewable raw materials.

Kilian Saueressig’s art is not only red hot because of this: he examines life in the 21st century and encourages the viewer to deal with political, religious, philosophical and social issues. The autodidact presents illuminated light works full of power and intelligence in an exhibition that invites you to marvel and think.

LemonGreen 05/2020 YellowGreen 05/2020 Green 05/2020 Works unlit, LEDs off
LemonGreen 05/2020 YellowGreen 05/2020 Green 05/2020 Above and below: Works illuminated, LEDs in different settings

It is therefore not surprising that this new voice on the art floor has already been presented in important exhibition venues, such as the Biblioteca Nazionale in Venice in 2020. He joins the illustrious circle of great artists such as Georg Baselitz or the young artist star Leon Löwentraut.

Kilian Saueressig, VPop Globe : Decorativism, Cycle Woman?, Segment Puzzle, Variatuion ADayInVienna, 2020 © Kilian Saueressig

Kilian Saueressig comments on his exhibition: “Light is the key to knowledge, the key to life. Without light there is no life and without light one cannot see. The transformation of light in the form of reflection, absorption and transmission allows us to look at pictures and sculptures. The light becomes images in our heads. The images become emotions. Ideas become images. It’s a transformation. The fascination of transforming light into mass and mass into light. This is the universal principle on which everything is based. Are spirit and soul a special form of light? The exhibition “Key of Light” explores this question and encourages the viewer’s imagination and magic.

Killian Saueressig

Saueressig, born in Essen in 1969, studied mechanical engineering and is a passionate inventor who holds numerous patents in the areas of surface finishing, molding technology and embossing. As a shareholder and managing director, he successfully managed a medium-sized family business in the printing industry for many years.

But his passion for art flared up in his youth. So today he can fall back on a rich pool of ideas. Saueressig first showed his art to the public in 2019. Kilian Saueressig plays with self-developed innovative processes for coloring and shaping that go far beyond the currently known approaches. Metallic effects, matt-gloss effects, micro-macrostructures, manual and digital shaping technologies, etc. Kilian Saueressig has a keen sense of color, the color change is a crucial characteristic of his art.

Philosophy and innovation are two very important driving forces for Kilian Saueressig. He sees art as his emotional output medium for his insights and messages.

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