Leon Lowentraut

Young, provocative and successful

26.07.2020 - 20.09.2020

German painter Leon Löwentraut has taken the art world by storm. Solo exhibitions in New York, London, Berlin, Florence, St. Petersburg, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen and Singapore not only testify to the fact that the 22-year-old painter has established himself on the international art market in a very short time, but are also proof of his topicality in the contemporary art scene. His unmistakable, energetic style of bright colors and vibrant rhythms of form hits the nerve of the times. Powerful lines, impasto, sometimes straight from the tube, are an expression of his uncompromising nature. Repetitive and dynamic ornamental structures paired with abstract, expressive people, heads and silhouettes are part of the preferred canon of images by the Düsseldorf native. His formal visual language refers to a connecting representation of the Eurocentric, cultural visual memory. Löwentraut’s works reveal their narrative qualities in an expressive and exciting way and provide insight into his view of the world.

© 2020 Adrian Bedoy

With his expressive style of powerful colors and ornamental form rhythms, the artist creates unmistakable works full of depth and sensual expressiveness.

From his series: #Art4GlobalGoals: