Light art

In the beginning there is the light: with “Let there be light” begins the divine
Creation story, at the end of which humans also see the light of day.
Plato already suggested in his allegory of the cave to leave the world of shadows
and that of the colors… Fire and sun as a source of heat are for the
People are indispensable and seeing and recognizing is only made possible by light.
Art has also been concerned with light since its beginnings: from shadow theater
on the design of church windows to the representation of natural light in the
painting, in the baroque era for example in the Chiaroscuro painting and in the well-known
Night pieces by Rembrandt, Caravaggio and others.
With the invention of artificial light in the 19th century and Einstein’s realization that light is
wave and particle at the same time, the triumphant advance of artificial light takes its course: in our
In modern life, artificial light is omnipresent and hard to imagine life without it.
Also the artists of the 20th and 21st century are concerned with the many facets of the
of light and discover artificial light itself as a means of artistic expression: this is
the birth of light art. Picasso already discovered light painting for himself: in the
Darkness he “painted” with a flashlight in the air, on the photo these are
Light traces visible thanks to long exposure time.
The exhibition LICHTKUNST now presents 18 important artists of the contemporary
international light art scene are represented with various works and show the
and inventiveness of this lively art form: let yourself be inspired by the
enchanted by the magic of light!
Participating Artists:
Werner Bauer, Antje Blumenstein, Hellmut Bruch, Walter Giers, Daniel Hausig, Hans Kotter,
Brigitte Kowanz, Margaret Marquardt, Yoshiyuki Miura, François Morellet, Mitsouko Mori,
Miriam Prantl, Betty Rieckmann, Rosalie, Kilian Saueressig, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Hans
Schork, Regine Schumann