Picasso and the women

06/24/2017 – 11/12/2017

On the occasion of the anniversary of its 25th exhibition, the messmer art gallery is dedicated to the life and work of one of the most important modern artists: Pablo Picasso.

Born in Málaga, Spain, in 1881, Picasso became the most prolific and wealthy artist of his time until his death in 1973. His expressive and varied work includes over 50,000 paintings, drawings, graphics, collages, sculptures and ceramics. Along with Georges Braque, he is considered the founder of Cubism.

The exhibition highlights in particular the representations of women in the life of the great painter, who, as muses and inexhaustible sources of inspiration, influenced and enriched his life and work in equal measure.

Some of the women in Picasso’s life were artists themselves and were of considerable talent. They benefited from being close to this artistic genius, but always stood in his shadow, from which they found it difficult or impossible to escape. Many works by his companions show the more or less clear influence of Picasso.

The representations of wives and lovers in the painter’s life run like a red thread through his artistic work. The exhibition in the messmer art gallery impressively reflects the stylistic development of his painting and the changing relationship with his wives. It includes more than 100 works by Picasso from important private collections and, in a unique way, conveys unprecedented insights into the works of the women around Picasso that go beyond the painter’s artistic work. In addition to paintings by Françoise Gilot, drawings by Dora Maar and works by Sylvette David, who also posed for the painter numerous times and is now a well-known artist herself, are also on display.