State exhibition “schul.kunst_zeich(n)en” Baden-Württemberg

09/26/2020 – 03/28/2021

Center for fine arts and intermedial design ZKIS at the state institute for school sports, school art and school music in cooperation with the messmer art gallery.

Tanz_Zeichnen Abb. 1 © ZKIS, Thomas Putze

Drawing is the earliest way to communicate. Even before a child can communicate verbally, it can express itself by means of “drawing” and “signs”. “Drawing” is a unique way of representing and explaining the world. Drawing is also an expression of creative diversity and a formal means of conveying content.

Understanding is possible through “drawing” and “drawing” where language and verbal exchange is not, not yet or no longer possible. Therefore, with good reason, “drawing” is part of the educational mission of the school in which the “art of drawing” is taught to the pupils in art classes.

In the wonderful rooms of the messmer art gallery, selected student works from all school types from all regional school art exhibitions of the 21 state school authorities were shown. The creative diversity of the exhibits on display here was well worth seeing.

In addition, a world first was presented with “Hello World”, in which a smartphone can be used to draw in virtual space and create a three-dimensional sculpture.