Andre Evard

Evard-hellerIn the 1970s, Jürgen A. Messmer came into contact with the work of André Evard (1876-1972), a pioneering painter of Swiss modernism and a friend of Le Corbusier’s. In 1978 he managed to acquire large parts of the estate. Through Evard’s work, the art collector subsequently found concrete-constructive art as the focal point of the collection.

To promote this art movement, André Evard was awarded an art prize worth EUR 10,000, which is aimed at contemporary artists and is advertised by the Messmer Foundation approximately every three years.

In the years 2009 and 2012 concentrated Evard exhibitions took place in the Kunsthalle, the Evard Collection is located away from such special presentations in the depot.

André Evard means a lot to me and we discover (…) constantly something new in his multifaceted work. The fact that he never let himself be pressed into a stencil and that he painted both objectively and constructively throughout his life, and this at a high level, fascinates me to this day Jürgen A. Messmer