light and movement

09/26/2020 – 03/28/2021

I see something you don’t see! Or is it?

How deceptive one’s own perception can be is shown in the new exhibition “Light and Movement” at the messmer art gallery . It’s all about bright colors, optical illusions and kinetic art.

In this exhibition, the visitor is more than just a viewer of the art. He interacts with the works and is thus included in the exhibition. Experiencing art is the program here!

Artists such as Victor Vasarély, Hans Kotter, Regine Schumann, Carlos Cruz Diez, Siegfried Kreitner, Kammerer-Luka, Adriano Piu, Ludwig Wilding and many others challenge the visitor to intensive perception, show their limits and go beyond them.

Victor Vasarély (*1906, †1997, Paris) is a French painter of Hungarian descent. Vasarély initially devoted himself to constructive, geometric forms before turning to kinetic art. Later he was a co-founder of the Op Art style, which deals primarily with optical effects, such as the appearance of movement or flickering and optical illusions.

Regine Schumann (*1961, Goslar), also a German painter and light artist, focuses in her works on fluorescent materials that unfold their effect in black light. The supplied light energy always results in other effects of the light and the colors. Schumann composes their color bodies according to Goethe’s color theory, which attempts to grasp color in its entirety. Their goal: to create “room temperatures”.

The German artist Hans Kotter (*1966, Mühldorf am Inn) works in the field of photography, conceptual and object art. His works also include minimalistic light installations in intensely bright colors, which will also be on display in the exhibition. The focus of his work is the relationship between light, color and space.

Another important representative of kinetic art comes from Italy, the painter and sculptor Adriano Piu (*1954, Friuli). Already in his youth he devoted himself to painting and quickly found pleasure in working on metal sculptures. The combination of painting and sculpture is shown in the exhibition in the messmer art gallery. Here Adriano Piu shows his series INTERLOCUTORY MOVEMENT with sliding wooden elements. It thus offers an exciting variety of motifs and enables the viewer to interact with the art.

The concepts of light, movement, color and space are also the focus of attention in the numerous other works of art, some of which come from the Messmer Collection itself. The works on display offer a lot of variety and interesting ways of perceiving art in general and your own vision. In doing so, many new perspectives are not only opened up optically.

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