Rendezvous of illusions

Patrick Hughes & Zhuang Hong Yi
01.07.2022 - 09.10.2022

Two stars of the OP kind
With the Englishman Patrick Hughes and the Chinese Zhuang Hong Yi, two international stars of the OP-Art scene shake hands and present works that move between optical illusions and kinetic finesse. The themes reality
and perception are important aspects of these two artists. Changing perspectives of the “moving images” provide amazing visual transformations of the artworks. This is because the human eye combines what it sees – and what is actually static – into a dynamic sequence. These phenomena put our viewing habits to the test and can only be recognized on site in front of the original.

Patrick Hughes – The Inventor of Reverse Perspective
The Briton Patrick Hughes (*1939) fascinates the art world with his self-developed technique of “Reverspective”, which is short for “reverse perspective” and refers to three-dimensional, relief-like paintings and collages that project into the room and create an optical illusion for the viewer. Perceived frontally as flat surfaces painted in perspective, when the viewer moves the impression of spatial depth is reinforced by the background and a shift in perspective occurs. This works by composing three-dimensional objects from parallel obtuse pyramids and triangular prisms. Our disorientation is caused by the fact that the artist, places the most distant elements in the pictorial space closest to the viewer, namely on the tops of the forms. For the most part, he presents surreal locations as well as familiar borrowings from popular culture, world history, and the art scene.

Zhuang Hong Yi – The Language of Flowers
Zhuang Hong Yi (*1962) is considered one of China’s most internationally influential artists. He has made a name for himself with his colorful flower works (“Flowerbeds”). Each of these works contains hundreds of hand-folded rice papers, which are additionally decorated with
ink and varnish can be colored. With iridescent color gradients and opulent floral landscapes, Zhuang creates an armonic reference to nature that invites you to dream. Because flowers are a universal language for him. His work should bring joy and added value to people. Zhuang Hong Yi combines traditional, Chinese craft tradition with contemporary
Form language, which builds a bridge between Asia and Europe.